Hi. I am E.N.O.N. please......Grow with me...

lol they were later beheaded……..


the Pharrell slander is real today. :(

With great success comes great hate. The nigga made a song about being happy and theres slander about him?

People, man…..

They’re listening to the worse Jodeci album ever right now….


Back To The Lab…."Little Hip-Hop"Art by Frank Morrison 

Had a dream that I was me and my cousin were having conversation with Kanye West at this restaurant. No paparazzi in sight just straight convo about music, sampling, the coldest beats he’s made that nobody’s heard and his vision he had for Yeezus.

Then the conversation of my music came into play because I told him I actually made music for Yeeszus before he had released it and he wanted to hear it and I JUST so happen to have my laptop with me. He hit me with a jab like “I hope it’s hot” and I hit him back like “pffft my g don’t let me crack your head with this good shit lol” we all laughed and I was telling him about the track before I played it (it was a song I used to have on my soundcloud called Blackman) I was explaining how I sampled it from a Stevie Wonder song and all that jazz.

While I was pulling it up on my laptop Ye and my cuz were talking and some white lady overheard a joke my cousin said and tried to chime in so just when I find it and was about to press play 

I woke up.

I hate when dreams do that.

fuk is tht

it’s an RnB band……

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Hey Now! What kinda question is that, you tryna cause a brain aneurysm?


Mint Condition is better though.
As a musician they “feel” better lol

I just need alil bit of happiness to get these songs done….fuck.

damn that long?

Look, only prisoners, devout priest, ugly folk you see at 4 am and Queen Elizabeth The 1st can understand the struggle I’m enduring right now.